CoinPayz Review 2023 Legit SHIB GPT Earning Platform Review

CoinPayz – One Of The Best Shiba Faucets

Since 2019,  has been operational as the Top-rated Shiba Get-To-Paid (GTP) platform voted by its users.

CoinPayz partners with various businesses to advertise their applications, surveys, and products.

Users can complete the best offers and surveys in their free time to receive great rewards.

CoinPayz Revenue Model Business Model
CoinPayz – Business Model

CoinPayz generates revenue through diverse methods such as:

  • Survey & Offer Campaigns,
  • Ads Monetization,
  • Advertising Campaigns,
  • Casino Gaming.

It is a free cryptocurrency earning program that enables users to earn cryptocurrency.

With CoinPayz, users can easily convert their daily activities into a passive income source by performing simple tasks like completing surveys, watching ads, playing games, and more.

∮ Survey & Offers Campaigns

CoinPayz offers its users various opportunities to earn money.

These include participating in paid Surveys, viewing PTC ads, completing Tasks, and watching Videos.

This enables CoinPayz to effectively generate commissions from third-party providers.

While users receive coins as compensation for their time spent on completing these offers.

∮ Ads Monetization

By partnering with the CoinZillaAds and AdChoices advertising networks, CoinPayz can leverage its user traffic to generate a steady stream of income.

∮ Advertising Campaign

CoinPayz also generates revenue by allowing users to promote their projects through the CoinPayz PTC section.

You can promote your website or affiliate links at an affordable price on CoinPayz.

These are 3 options to choose from:

  • 40,000 coins for a 10 seconds duration per view with 1000 views
  • 80,000 coins for a 20 seconds duration per view with 1000 views
  • 150,000 coins for a 30 seconds duration per view with 1000 views

Setting up a campaign is incredibly simple and requires no additional effort.

To create your PTC Ads, you need to deposit sufficient funds.

Deposit Fund for campaigns
Deposit Fund for campaigns

Once you’ve done that, simply fill in your campaign’s Name, Description, URL, and the number of Views you want.

Finally, select the Duration, and complete the process by clicking the “Create Campaign” button.

Create an Ads Campaign
Create an Ads Campaign

Above is a screenshot of the campaign creation page for your reference.

∮ Casino Gaming

CoinPayz can earn revenue from its Casino Gaming section by attracting more users to play various games of chance on its website, and by collecting a percentage of each bet placed by the users.

10 Fast Ways To Earn Free Coins In CoinPayz

CoinPayz provides 10 fast ways to earn coins:

  1. Daily Bonus
  2. Faucet
  3. Offerwalls
  4. PTC
  5. Shortlinks
  6. Mining
  7. Casino Gaming
  8. Referrals
  9. Achievements
  10. Contest

∮ Daily Bonus

Log in daily to receive free rewards for Energy, Earning bonuses & Experience.

Daily Bonus to boost earnings
Daily Bonus to boost earnings

The Energy can be used in the “Wheel of Fortune” game.

The Experience can help you to increase your level and the Earning bonus will increase your earning.

For example, if your Level bonus is 3% and your Earning bonus is 10%. If the faucet is 50 coins, then you will receive extra 6.5 coins which total 56.5 coins per claim.

∮ Faucet

Presently, you can receive 50 coins by claiming every 5 minutes.

5 minutes Faucet claim
5 minutes Faucet claim

For each Faucet claim, you must solve a captcha before you can receive the free coins.

However, you can earn additional coins for your faucet claim through your level and earning bonuses.

For instance, if your Level bonus is 4.375% and your earning bonus is 10%, then you will receive a total of (50 x 1.14375) = 57.18 coins for your claim.

Additionally, you can spend 1 energy to boost your earnings by an extra 10%.

Extra Faucet Boosting
Extra Faucet Boosting

Considering the above earnings, after being boosted, you would receive (50 x 1.14375 x 0.1) = 62.9 coins.

∮ Offerwalls

Several third-party Offerwalls are available with CoinPayz:

  • CPX Research
  • Adscend Media
  • Wannads
  • Monlix
  • OfferToro
  • Lootably
  • Pollfish
  • Ayet Studios
  • Timewall
  • Bit Labs
  • Offers4All
  • SkippyAds
  • Personaly
  • MediumPath
  • KiwiWall

In these offerwalls section, we categorize their offers as follows:

  • Paid Survey
  • View PTC
  • Shortlink
  • Task
  • Watch Video

You can find out how many coins you’ll make from each offer.

To help users to take part in the offers, CoinPayz provides a filter to choose the offers you are interested in.

Various of Offerwalls
Various of Offerwalls

The recommended offers of cause are the Paid Surveys.

However, the easy offer is to view the PTC.

You can select whatever offers you want and earn as much as you can!


CoinPayz offers its own PTC section.

Which enables users to earn over 500 free coins by simply viewing ads.

This section features around 15 or more ads, each rewarding you with 20 to 80 coins for spending 10 to 30 seconds viewing them.

PTC section
PTC section

To view an ad, simply click on the View button, and the ad will open in a new tab.

After the timer countdown, complete the captcha to receive your coins.

Additionally, every view increases your experience level by 1.

∮ Shortlinks

Another simple way to earn free coins on CoinPayz is through Shortlinks.

Simple Shortlinks
Simple Shortlinks

In the Shortlinks section, you will find a considerable number of links to complete.

Ranging from as low as 10 coins to as high as 125 coins.

You can easily earn up to 1,000 coins by completing these links.

∮ Mining

In addition, CoinPayz offers Browser Mining, which utilizes your device’s CPU power.

Before using this feature, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with how mining works.

CPU Mining
CPU Mining

The mining section is displayed on the website, and you can begin mining by clicking the START button.

You are free to stop mining at any time by clicking the STOP button.

It’s important to note that the coins you mine will be stored in your Mining Balance.

And you will need to manually transfer them to your main balance.

∮ Games

CoinPayz offers a variety of exciting Games for those who feel lucky and want to earn more free coins.

These games include:

  • Lottery
  • Dice
  • Coin Flip
  • Wheel of Fortune

With these four different game options, you can choose the one that appeals to you the most and try your luck at winning extra coins.

∮∮ Lottery

You can purchase a Lottery ticket for 10 coins each.

Lottery game
Lottery game

The screenshot shows that the potential rewards are 111,519 coins, but the chances of winning are only 0.0087%.

If you are feeling confident in your luck, why not take a chance and try it out for yourself?

Just keep in mind that the chances of winning are quite low, but who knows? Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!

∮∮ Dice

To roll the Dice, you’ll need to place a bet of 100 coins.

Dice game
Dice game

However, I wouldn’t recommend it, as the potential profits are quite low compared to the risk of losing all of your coins if you fail.

Keep in mind that the potential rewards may not outweigh the potential losses.

It’s always wise to consider the odds and make sure you’re comfortable with the risks involved.

∮∮ Coin Flip

The Coin Flip game on CoinPayz is as straightforward as its name implies.

Coin Flip game
Coin Flip game

You can place a bet on whether Bitcoin or Ethereum to win the game.

∮∮ Wheel of Fortune

I strongly suggest giving the Wheel of Fortune game a try!

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

You can spin it once every day, and it only requires 10 Energy, which you can easily earn by claiming the Daily Bonus.

Plus, it’s a chance to win between 30 to 200 coins without spending any of your own money.

Extra 200 free coins
Extra 200 free coins

So, why wait? Don’t miss out on this simple opportunity to grow your coin collection with no investment needed.

∮ Referrals

CoinPayz provides Referral opportunities that enable you to earn affiliate commissions by inviting friends or other users to join.

They offer pre-designed banners that you can use to promote your referral link easily.

By participating in this referral program, you can enjoy a generous commission structure of 20% on the total earnings of your referrals and 25% on their deposits.

Please note that it’s important to regularly log in to your CoinPayz account, as failing to do so for 30 days may result in losing your referrals.

∮ Achievements

At CoinPayz, you have the opportunity to earn daily Achievements by completing some tasks within the day.

Daily Achievements
Daily Achievements

By successfully finishing a specified number of tasks in various activities, you can receive additional coins as a reward.

Start exploring and unlocking those tasks to boost your earnings.

∮ Contests

CoinPayz also offers weekly Contests with prizes for active users.

GPT Site Contest
GPT Site Contest

You can choose to participate in these contests, but make sure to carefully follow the rules and instructions:

  • Referral contest
  • Offerwall earning contest
  • Shortlinks claims contest
  • Faucet claims contest
  • Activity (Exp earned) contest

You can earn a big amount of coins if you win it.

For an instant, the “Referral Contest” with a total of 1,600,000 coins for the first winner and 800,000 coins for the second winner.

The “Offerwall Contest” had given 800,000 coins to the first winner.


You have the option to convert your earned coins into your preferred cryptocurrency.

And withdraw them to a variety of platforms, including Coinbase, FaucetPay, Payeer, or other crypto accounts.

Multiple Withdraw Method
Multiple Withdraw Method

Withdrawal is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps:

  1. Choose your desired withdrawal method and cryptocurrency,
  2. then enter your wallet address and the amount you wish to withdraw,
  3. and click on the “Withdraw” button to initiate the withdrawal process.

It’s a straightforward process that allows you to easily convert your coins into the cryptocurrency of your choice and transfer them to your preferred account.

∮ Coinbase Shib/BTC

To withdraw your earnings to Coinbase Shiba Inu or BTC wallet, you must have at least 100,000 coins.

If you do not have a Coinbase account, click HERE  to get one.

∮ FaucetPay Multi Crypto

To withdraw your earnings to your FaucetPay wallet, you must have at least 1,000 coins.

If you do not have any FaucetPay account, click HERE  to get one.

∮ Payeer USD

To withdraw your earnings to the Payeer USD wallet, you must have at least 5,000 coins.

If you do not have a Payeer account, click HERE  to get one.


CoinPayz is a legitimate Get-To-Pay site that pays its users and is not a scam. It’s a safe platform to use.

Here is my withdrawal history from CoinPayz.

Easy Withdrawal Method
Easy Withdrawal Method

Sign Up For CoinPayz

CoinPayz is open for registration to anyone in the world, without any country restrictions.

Instead of spending time on YouTube or mobile games, don’t miss out on the chance to earn free cryptocurrency with CoinPayz.

Register and start earnings
Register and start earnings
Here are the steps to Sign up CoinPayz:

  1. Click on >> Join CoinPayz  to register.

  2. Enter your Email Address and choose a Username.
  3. Create a Password and repeat it for confirmation.
  4. Agree to the TOS and Privacy Policy of CoinPayz.
  5. Click on the Upside down Picture to verify that you are human.
  6. Click on the “Register” button to create your account.
  7. Your account is now successfully created.
  8. Remember to log into your email account to confirm your registration.

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