At Dawn Of Metaverse – 3 Waves Of Sortie

Dawn of Metaverse

Is The Metaverse Just A Gaming? Or…

The concept of the Metaverses  has been gaining traction in recent years, with many companies from various sectors claiming to be building their own versions.

In reality, these platforms are nothing more than a 3D virtual space with some Metaverse elements. Simply put, they just embrace the Metaverse, not own it.

The Metaverse’s foundation is based on a 3D virtual space with a Time Axis that includes Interaction Design (IXD) between humans and things.

MetaWorld in Metaverse
MetaWorld is the Metaverse’s artificial life-form

MetaWorld (aka MetaSpace) is the virtual space that exists in the Metaverse, and we use its name to distinguish it from other virtual worlds or virtual spaces.

MetaWorld is not a static virtual space. It will continue to develop into a mature world as it grows and evolves over time!

To be more specific, MetaWorld is the Metaverse’s artificial life-form that can think and evolve. We’ll explore this claim further in another post.

While gaming and social media platforms have been at the forefront of Metaverse development, there are other fields that could benefit from its potential.

In this post, we will explore three waves of Metaverse development beyond gaming and social media.

First Wave: MetaWorld Classroom, Study Never Absent

In the current severe period of the epidemic, if everyone returns to the campus to study together in a narrow and closed classroom, both parents and students are concerned that they will be infected with the new crown pneumonia since the air is not well circulated.

Many schools and academies had to temporarily cease classes in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Students’ participation and activity in learning are reduced when they stay at home for an extended period of time. In terms of mental health, it causes individuals to become more agitated, anxious, and lonely.

The most effective tool for resuscitation and continued education is the provision of distance learning and education. This part of the void was simply filled by the MetaWorld Classroom.

Students can participate in a real-time online interactive classroom that includes voice and video education as well as an immersive experience.

The MetaWorld classroom inherits all of the Metaverse’s features, including the ability to shrink and expand its space at will.

The MetaWorld classroom can be scaled down to one-on-one teaching, a small classroom of ten individuals, or a huge lecture hall of hundreds of people.

Many students, as well as teachers or lecturers, might be in the same space to learn and interact.

MetaWorld classrooms have the advantage of having an abundance of excellent professors and lecturers.

These lecturers can work part-time in other schools or colleges, addressing the school’s long-standing shortage of main subject lecturers.

School education does not have to be limited to a specific geographic location; it can be expanded to other countries in order to attract more pupils.

At the same time, students can select their preferred colleges and departments.

Most crucially, the MetaWorld classroom will keep track of the teacher’s or lecturer’s entire teaching session.

Whether a student is slow to learn or has been absent, they can replay these courses and, with the help of AI assistant, improve their mastery of the courses and catch up on their learning progress.

Second Wave: MetaWorld Performance Stage, Let Carnival Now

Many entertainers have been compelled to stop performing and switch from offline to online as a result of the epidemic.

The live performance is restored to the MetaWorld Performance Stage using Black Technology, and the virtual scenes and changes are integrated.

Black Technology is technology that is relatively advanced in the development stage and has not been widely used in real world.

The carefully crafted performance content that merges real people and virtual scenes on the MetaWorld Performance Stage, with the help of these black technologies, will provide a different viewing experience from offline performances, and explore new performance content and modes.

The audience and fans will appear in the audience group as virtual avatars during the performance, and they will be able to engage and talk with other audience members.

Audiences and fans may enjoy exciting performances from across the world while getting the greatest live experience even when they are at home.

The MetaWorld Performing Stage provides a peaceful and undisturbed performance environment for performers.

That is, the performer can switch and remove the surrounding visual and auditory interference, allowing them to concentrate on the performance.

The performers can also present a wonderful scene that spans time and space based on the established or on-site conditions, and the performance will be elevated to new heights with the projection of gorgeous lights and the explosion of brilliant pyrotechnics.

In addition to entertainment and socializing, as the audience and fans enjoy the show, they can also feel closer to the performers.

MetaWorld Performance Stage
MetaWorld Performance Stage

American singer Travis Scott collaborated with “Fortnite” to hold the “ASTRONOMICAL” virtual concert , which has the prototype of the MetaWorld Performance Stage.

The superiority of the MetaWorld Performance Stage will cause a fresh heat wave in the performance market.

Third Wave: MetaWorld Office, I’m With You

Many businesses have adopted a compromise option to avoid disrupting normal operations as a result of the “stay at home order” established to prevent and control the epidemic: telecommuting from home. This major choice will eventually become the new norm in the workplace.

Managers establish specific guidelines for office requirements since they are unable to properly monitor whether staff are working. These needs are met by virtual offices.

Employees are in a virtual area where they can view and manipulate virtual people and things as if they were working and chatting with coworkers face to face.

Although the virtual office is a relatively new concept, the working location and method of this office model are more flexible, and many companies’ perceptions of it are gradually changing, attracting more attention.

Office workers are more able to shift their office locations to MetaWorld than workers in manual labor-intensive industries. Employees in MetaWorld can collaborate with coworkers and clients using virtual spaces, email, document sharing, and video apps.

The following are some of the benefits of MetaWorld Office:

High degree of freedom, ability to operate from anywhere:

Many businesses and individuals have suffered significant losses as a result of the epidemic’s sudden outbreak, the stoppage of transportation, the stranded staff, and the impact of job progress.

If the MetaWorld office is used, all employees will be exempt from the restraining order and will be able to continue working as usual.

Employees can work freely even in normal hours when they return to their hometown to see relatives or travel to other places, which has no effect on their typical job productivity.

Colleagues working at the same time in different locations:

The market knows no boundaries, and many companies conduct business globally. We can bring all parties together at the same time using the MetaWorld Office.

You’re enjoying a delicious breakfast in Beijing China, discussing proposal with colleague in bed in New York USA, and exchanging opinions with client who is vacationing in Yokohama Japan.

The ability to operate across time zones 24 hours a day, seven days a week can not only improve job efficiency but also solve problems quickly.

For companies, talents are not restricted to local areas. For job seekers, there are more opportunities:

companies and enterprises all want to hire excellent talents, but excellent talents may not want to relocate to the city where the company is located. Talents are attracted from all over the world, and it is no longer restricted to the location of the company.

Career options for job seekers are no longer restricted to the city in which they reside.

Save time, effort, and money:

Reduce commuting time and operating costs in congested metropolises by simply connecting to the MetaWorld office and getting to work.

Final Wave: Realizing The Metaverse

In terms of the Metaverse’s present development, it is primarily built on gaming and social networking platforms.

The development of distance education follows, but the development and implementation of virtual classrooms is a more pressing requirement.

The third area, which is now mostly focused on the application of conferences, has to be expanded to include a variety of sectors.

Other fields, such as shopping, retail, manufacturing, and so on, are still in their early stages.

Metaverse's 5 Areas development
Metaverse’s 5 Area of development

The Metaverse’s present development can be described as taking two steps forward and one step back.

The focus of all the money and attention was on the small crumb that had fallen from the overall digital economic.

Although its initial stage of development is only tied to entertainment and social interaction, the Metaverse’s development trend has become irresistible.

However, in the process of its development, it will inevitably have a reverse effect on real society, having a profound impact on the politics, economy, culture, and other aspects of various countries.

To summarise, it will have an impact on people’s way of life and hasten the transformation of human production modes.

The Metaverse’s different fields of development must be balanced. Only in this way can it be closer to our everyday lives, promote human society progress and civilizational integration, and truly parallel the real world.


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