7 Best Legit GPT - BTC SHIB DOGE
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Looking for the best legit GPT and make money from home ? Here’s what you would like to know !

GPT stands for Get Paid To & PTC stands for Paid To Click – is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money by doing different micro-tasks online from home. You can earn money, gift cards, and other rewards by taking surveys, watch videos, click ads, sign up for free trials, data entry, download apps, play games, and more.

Their payment methods and rewards include PayPal, Gift Cards, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, etc.

The pros and cons of GPT/PTC sites:


  1. No skills required
  2. Flexible work
  3. Many ways to earn
  4. Lots of payout options
  5. Free money


  1. Low earnings
  2. Many sites host the same tasks
  3. Spammy links
  4. Survey disqualifications
  5. Offers will occasionally not credit


The Best Legit GPT Knowing You

You must not use the identical computer to register two accounts on the identical GPT/PTC website or use the identical computer to log in to 2 accounts on the same GPT/PTC website. Because it’s an identical IP, these two accounts are going to be banned. Don’t use the identical wallet or micro-wallet for various accounts on the identical GPT/PTC website.


7 Best Legit GPT Sites


Below is the list of GPT/PTC sites that I have tested so far, you can join these sites by clicking on the site name or its logo/banner :
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1. adBTC is a top and legit BTC GPT site. AdBTC supports English and Russian. It allows users to earn money by viewing ads and to advertise their projects on the site. You can earn more than 100 Satoshi per day. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 satoshi
Payment Method: FaucetPay, Payeer, Bitcoin wallet
Earn Free Bitcoin

2. Cointiply exists since 2017 and and is currently one of the best legit GPT on the market, you can make money online with paid survey. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 30,000 coins
Payment Method: Direct BitcoinLTCDOGEDASH Wallet
Earn Free Bitcoin

Bucksify best legit GPT for cryptocurrency and gift card!

3. BuckSify is a platform where you can complete simple tasks like filling surveys, installing apps, watching videos, etc! Level up, compete with other users. It pays out in many various cryptocurrencies or you can claim for gift vouchers. The top user is making $10 a day. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: $5

4. CoinPayU is a PTC (Paid To Click) and Bitcoin advertising website, A standard member can earn coin by clicking ads or completing some simple tasks. You’ll be able to use your coins to exchange cryptocurrencies and transfer to your wallets or micro-wallets. Coinpayu also allows those who want SHIB to directly withdraw to your BEP20 BSC address! Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 satoshi

FreeCrypto the highest pay LTC Faucet

5. Free Crypto is a new GPT site, which is one of the highest pay faucet, it allow users to earn ton of free crypto currencies by doing tasks. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 0.01 tokens
Payment Method: FaucetPay

Coinpayz - Top Bitcoin Faucet and GPT site

6. CoinPayz is one of the top faucet and GPT sites. This site has many different ways to earn cryptocurrency. You can claim a faucet every 5 minutes. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 coins
Payment Method: FaucetPay, Coinbase, Payeer, BSC, Direct

BitHub - Highest pay best faucet & legit GPT!

7. BitHub is the highest paying GPT/Faucet with no minimum withdraw to FaucetPay. You can also withdraw as low as 100,000 coins to CoinBase Shiba wallet. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: No Min to FaucetPay
Payment Method: Coinbase, FaucetPay, Binance, Direct wallets

Recommended GPT/Faucet For July 2024

We would like to recommend the following site to help you ‘Get Paid‘ with doing simple tasks!

EarnMoneyHub - provide many ways to obtain passive income through the best bitcoin faucet

EarnMoneyHub is a legit GPT/Faucet site that provided many ways to abtain passive income through manual claim, achievements, tasks and much more. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 coins
Payment Method: FaucetPay
Crypto Support: BTCTRXLTC

FaucetCrypto - earning crypto by doing Offerwall

FaucetCropto is a crypto earning GPT/Faucet site that is user friendly, easy way to earn crypto and fast withdrawal. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 coins
Payment Method: FaucetPay

GetDashcoin - Earns crypto by doing tasks

GetDashcoin is a best GPT/Faucet site that you can earn crypto by doing simple tasks. You can convert your time into free crypto. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: $0.001
Payment Method: FaucetPay
Crypto Support: BTCLTCDGB

Shiba Inu & Tron Faucet

Because someone asked for the Shiba Inu faucet, I included these sources.

A) EarnMoneyHub is a crypto earning platform that let user obtain passive income by doing some simple job.
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 coins
Payment Method: Coinbase, FaucetPay

B) CoinPayz is listed as a new site, but it pays directly to CoinBase, FaucetPay and Payeer.
Minimum Withdraw: 1,000 coins
Payment Method: Coinbase, FaucetPay, Payeer, BSC, Direct

C) KiddyEarner a new faucet that allow you to earn crypto with 0% investment! Claim 250,000 coins for every minutes and can withdraw instantly to FaucetPay.
Minimum Withdraw: 2,500,000 Shib
Payment Method: FaucetPay, Coinbase

D) FreeShib easy SHIB coins with simple tasks like Faucet, Shortlink, OfferWalls, PTC will bring you a large amount of SHIB daily.
Minimum Withdraw: 2,000 tokens
Payment Method: FaucetPay, Coinbase

E) EarnBitmoon allow you to earn in many ways. Once you have reached 2,000 coins, you can withdraw into your CoinBase or other Shiba Inu wallet.
Minimum Withdraw: 2,000 coins
Payment Method: FaucetPay, Payeer, Direct wallets

F) MixFaucet is a new GPT/Faucet site, you can claim 5o tokens for every 5 minutes from the faucet. Withdraw direct to CoinBase.
Minimum Withdraw: 10,000 token
Payment Method: Coinbase, FaucetPay, Payeer, Binance, BSC, Direct

G) 888satoshi allow users to claim faucet with low timer, you can claim 5 tokens for every 3 minutes. Withdraw direct to CoinBase Shiba wallet.
Minimum Withdraw: 4,444 tokens
Payment Method: Coinbase, Faucet

H) FreeShibainu is another Shiba Inu Faucet site, you can claim free Shiba for every 1 hour from the faucet. The minimum withdrawal is 250,000 Shiba to your Shiba Inu wallet.
Minimum Withdraw: 250,000 Shib
Payment Method: Direct SHIB wallet

I) If you are still looking for something, take a look at these high-paying Tron faucet.

    1. PinoyFaucet
    2. TrxEarner

There is no minimum amount, you can withdraw your earnings instantly to the FaucetPay address!

J) Another πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ SPOT the Polygon (MATIC) faucets:

  1. CoinPayu
  2. BitHub
  3. MixFaucet
  4. FreeMATIC

Crypto Faucets Ranking

πŸ”₯ Maximize your earnings with top legit crypto faucets πŸ”₯
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Earns At Home


ySense best legit GPT

1) ySense (previously Clixsense) is an online community with multiple earning options. Start earning with paid survey, cash offer, & quick task.
Minimum Withdraw: $5
Payment Method: PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Steam, Amazon

EarnCrypto - best legit GPT for cryptocurrency

2) EarnCrypto is another best legit GPT site where you earn cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dogecoin by completing surveys, watching videos, doing data entry or even by just downloading apps.
Payment Method: BTCTRXLTCDOGEETHDASHADAXRP & many more …


3) GameBucks is comparable to Bucksify and used the same layout, however you can only claim for gift vouchers. GameBucks allows you to complete surveys, install apps, quest, compete with other users and get free Gift Cards!
Minimum Withdraw: $3
Payment Method: Gift Card

Ruble Earnings Site

There are several sites where you can earn Rubles, however some of them require you to replenish before you make any withdrawals. Using your own pocket money is not a good idea, instead you should earn from other sites. Thought you can use adBTC  to earn some Rubles, but we also like to suggest the sites below as they offer various methods to make money and allow you to earn Rubles quickly.

RubSerf - earns Ruble

RubSerf is a Russian PTC site where you can earn Ruble by clicking daily ads. There are many payment methods including the Payeer. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 1 Ruble

Delionix SEO & Cash

Delionix is another Russian site where you can earn Ruble with website surfing, reading letters, short links, and other many tasks. You can withdraw your earnings into Payeer account. Payment Proof
Minimum Withdraw: 2 Ruble

Aviso - Eans Rubles

AVISO works since 2018 and contains the simplest and legal methods of earning real Rubles. It pay you to view ads, read emails, complete simple tasks, and so on. Can withdraw to Payeer.
Minimum Withdraw: 2 Rubles

Losena - PTC site

Losena is a PTC site that allows you to advertise and earn Rubles in various ways, with minimum 2 Rubles withdrawn to Payeer.
Minimum Withdraw: 2 Rubles

ProfitCentr - fast earning site

ProfitCentr is another Russian site since 2009 where you can earn Ruble by surfing, reading, completing tasks and many more, and fast earning to 1 ruble daily. Different payment methods including the Payeer.
Minimum Withdraw: 50 Rubles

Free Cloud Mining

StormGain is a well-known broker. StormGain provides free BTC cloud mining services for all registered users. You only need to log in once every 4 hours and enter the β€œMiners” menu to click this free service.
Minimum Withdraw: USDT$10


You may need to register an account on the following microwallet platform in order to withdraw your earning from the GPT/PTC sites.

FaucetPay microwallet received payment from GPT

Faucetpay is a popular provider for a microwallet and if you use Faucets. You can claim and earn 1 Reward Point (RP) every day you login. if you login daily the bonus gets higher until maximum amount of 100 RP.

CoinBase for Shiba Inu

Coinbase is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency. Coinbase has designed a Wallet so you can keep all your cryptocurrency together, you can easily send cryptocurrency to friends without needing their address.

Bainance Shib BEP20

Binance is the best cryptocurrency platform which provides us with a very wide variety of cryptocurrencies to buy, sell or can exchange or share our crypto. You can withdraw to your Shib BEP20 wallet at here.


Payeer is an electronic wallet system that operates internationally. Payeer provides its users to buy and sell cryptocurrency. However, you may need to pay a commission to complete the transaction.

Make Money From Forum

BeerMoney Forum

BeerMoney Forum is a place that you get paid by sharing knowledge, experiences, and valuable thoughts. The rate is 1,000BMF = 1USD. Start now and earn some pocket money.

Just for Fun

The following websites are considered High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP), some of them receiving a very high rating as a legitimate business. You should do your own research before investing or depositing money on them. Personally, I treat it like another social network farming game to enjoy the fun of growing vegetables and stealing vegetables. These games are to buy birds and sell eggs, or buy bush and sell leaves. Repeat this cycle over and over again, and your number of birds and bushes will slowly increase.

Sueldito – you need to buy property first and turn on coin production everyday, each property produces coins at fixed rate and brings you profits. If you have not made any deposits then you will need to complete some offers to withdraw your profits to FaucetPay.Virtual Estate

Login daily to turn on the coins production!

MotorGame - Economic Game, become the owner of the most powerful car company

MotorGame – this is Russia’s economic game. After registering, you will get your first delivery car – “Renault Logan”. You can earn extra income by viewing ads. You can also enter into an hourly lucky draw to win a “Renault Logan”. Yet you need to deposit 50 rubles before withdrawing! You can collect your profit if it reaches 1 ruble and withdraw it to Payeer.Car Delivery

CoinFarm – you must buy birds and they lay eggs, you need to sell them and get coins. You need to made deposit of $0.5 to withdraw funds.Bird Farm

Claim and Earn profit every 10 minutes!

Golden-Tea – you need to buy bushes and collect the leaves, then sell them and get coins.Tea Garden

Golden-Tea get money by growing virtual leaves