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Blockchain Worm, why is The Green Revolution?

Blockchain The Green Technology is power by the Natural Elements. Power of wind from the blue sky, hydropower from the blue river, and etc…

The immutability and Decentralized  nature make blockchain become unique. Blockchain is the future, the innovative technology is beneficial to cross-industry for different sectors.

Blockchain Worm
Blockchain – The Green Technology

Why Is Blockchain?

During the quarterly employee meeting, the GM was very excited to announce that our global business development team will integrate blockchain technology, which can further enhance the company’s reputation and continue to increase our market share…

As a senior IT staff, I was very shocked by this announcement as nobody had shared this idea with me beforehand. In fact, we are just a small business refurbishing old devices. I really don’t understand how our business development team will use blockchain technology to push business.

Theoretically with blockchain, warehouse inventory management can forecast demand accurately and thereby always have the right type and quantity of stock needed to fulfill expected demand. The technology makes it possible to optimize revenue and profitability while reducing the risk of lost sales. However, there is a lack of successful practical examples to prove that a blockchain-enabled inventory management system would actually reduce costs and be beneficial for businesses.

Therefore, it is imperative to gauge whether or not blockchain will be as revolutionary for the industries as some say. The concept of blockchain is underway, it seems that it is time to enhance my knowledge of blockchain, otherwise it will be difficult to communicate with those business development team.

I will explore some free online courses for the fundamental concepts of blockchain and also make a reference from other sites, then draft it in an easy-to-understand way and write it down here to show my learning progress. Since most of the introductions and courses are quite similar, obviously it could not avoid the duplication of my content. Over time, I will check my posts and correct them again.

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