Cointiply Review 2023: Best Bitcoin Faucet

Cointiply Best Bitcoin Faucet

Cointiply – One Of The Best Bitcoin Faucet GPT Site In 2024

Cointiply  is a mix of Bitcoin faucet , Paid-To-Click (PTC), and Get-Paid-To (GPT)  reward platforms founded in 2018.

It is considered one of the best/top bitcoin faucet sites and among the most well-known bitcoin faucet available!

Cointiply is a feature-rich platform that offers a variety of earning options.

You can earn Cointiply Coins and transfer them to your crypto wallet and then swap them for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Litecoin.

Your Cointiply coins lose value if the price of crypto rises. The value of your coins increases if the price of crypto falls.

This means that regardless of market fluctuations, the dollar value of your Cointiply coins will never change!

Since the purpose of this is to introduce and invite you to join the website.

Instead of continuing to discuss whether it is worthwhile for you to join, I will focus on what the site offers and what you can anticipate and earn from it.

In the first world, earning US$1 is meaningless, but in the third world, US$1 may buy you a good meal.

The best Bitcoin faucetn

Now let’s discuss the topic.

Cointiply Revenue Generation

Cointiply 2-side network connects users with partners
Cointiply 2-side network connects users with partners

Cointiply uses a relatively simple revenue generation model which acts as a two-side network that connects its registered users who are willing to do a simple task with its partners who earn for Cointiply coins.

Cointiply will set aside a percentage of the money it receives from partners for itself and provide the rest to its users.

When receiving revenue from partners, Cointiply will set aside a portion for itself and reward the other portion to its users.

Here are the main ways how Cointiply generates revenue:

  • Display advertising
  • Survey campaigns
  • Offer campaigns
  • Paid-To-Click advertisements

∮ Advertisement on Cointiply

You can create a PTC Advertisement and purchase traffic for your website or affiliate links.

Legit PTC site
PTC ads set up

It’s really simple to set up the advertising.

Simply follow the steps to enter your information, then choose the Total View, Duration, and other options.

The cheapest price is 1,000 views for 12,000 coins. Visitors will get a few coins each time they visit your advertisement.

13 Easy Ways To Earn Free Coins In Cointiply

Cointiply offers 13 easy ways to earn free coins:

  1. Roll The Faucet
  2. View PTC Ads
  3. Play The Multiplier
  4. Play Games
  5. Refer Users
  6. Redeem Promo Code
  7. Cointiply Quests
  8. Complete Survey
  9. Install Mobile App
  10. Watch Videos
  11. Earn Interest
  12. Rain Pool
  13. Leaderboard

∮ Roll The Faucet

Roll a number for faucet

The Roll the Faucet is under the Earn Coins section, you also can find it on the left menu bar.

You can roll a number and complete a captcha once every hour. The number will determine how many coins you earn.

Cointiplier will increase your faucet coins

Here is the breakdown of my number:

  1. Roll 1 to 69,999: 14 coins
  2. Roll 70,000 to 89,999: 24 coins
  3. Roll 90,000 to 96,999: 46 coins
  4. Roll 97,000 to 98,999: 92 coins
  5. Roll 99,000 to 99,998: 161 coins

The Cointiplier Bonus, which we will further describe later, was already included in the reward.

If you get a single roll of 99,999, you win the Jackpot and get more than 100,000 coins.

Your earnings may even double due to the Loyalty Bonus; the details of how it works are included at the end of the post.

Top faucet site - Claim faucet with Loyalty Bonus
Loyalty Bonus doubles your faucet claims

For instance, I rolled “40,822” and earn 14 coins. In addition, I also received a 14 coins loyalty bonus, so my earnings are doubled!

∮ View PTC Ads

Legit PTC site - Select PTC Ads to earn free coins
Select PTC Ads to earn free coins

On the top main menu of Cointiply, you can find a section for PTC Ads.

The simplest way to earn coins on Cointiply is to view PTC Ads.

To get paid, you must first click the “VIEW” button to load the landing page for a specific amount of time, then click on “Validate Your Click“.

the best PTC site for free cash
PTC and click history

Typically, each view earns you 6 to 10 coins, but certain ads may pay 20 coins.

Each day, there will be more than 10 ads that give you more than 100 coins.

∮ Play The Multiplier

Another method to earn coins is trying out the Multiplier.

The Multiplier offers the chance to multiply your coins.

The maximum multiplier is 61.3x with level 11 in the game.

This means you could make as much as 613 coins from a 10 coins wager, while a wager of 50 coins has a potential payout of 3,065,000 coins.

Multiplier start screen
This is how it works:

  1. The minimum and maximum wagers are 10 coins and 50,000 coins, respectively.
  2. The CointiPlay Multiplier will display 11 clusters on the screen.
  3. If you choose to reveal a cluster of Red Gems, you win; if you choose to reveal a cluster of Black Gems, you lose.
  4. You can continue choosing the subsequent cluster for level 2 and so forth.
  5. If you choose a winning cluster, your coin balance for the current round will go up!
  6. If you can get to level 11, your coins will be multiplied by 61.3.
  7. You will, however, forfeit your entire initial wager if you choose a losing cluster.
  8. At any time, you can quit the game and collect your winning coins by clicking the “Take Win” button.

It’s similar to gambling in that you could win more money. But you also risk losing every wager.

∮ Play Games

You may locate it in the Earn Coins menu and find the Play Games section.

The games are pretty bland, like Card games, Word games, or Puzzle games.

Fill up the game bar for 23 coins

Your activity bar fills up as soon as you begin playing, and 23 coins are awarded.

The more time you spend playing, the more coins you’ll get!

∮ Refer Users

Using the Referral Banner to invite friends or other users to sign up for Cointiply allows you to earn lifetime commissions.

Here are the rules:

  • You will earn 25% of every referral faucet claim FOR LIFE.
  • You will also earn 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send.
  • Referrals on the same device or in the same household are NOT allowed and will not be counted as referrals.

Your commissions are paid once per day.

∮ Redeem Promo Code

Promo Codes for Cointiply can be obtained in one of two ways:

  • Follow Cointiply on Twitter for limited-time promo codes.
  • Subscribe to Cointiply to receive promo codes.

∮ Cointiply Quests

Cointiply Quests offer additional way rewards when you complete certain activities.

To claim your coins, you need to check these 5 different types of Quests:

  1. Cointiply Quest
  2. Earning Quests
  3. Offer quests
  4. Streak Quests
  5. Bonus Quests

You don’t need to do anything; Quests are automatically monitored and unlocked when you fulfill the requirements.

Quests rewards
5 different Quests for extra rewards

For instance, if you earn at least 9,000 coins, you can claim additional 200 coins as a reward.

∮ Complete Survey

Answering Paid Surveys is one of the best ways to earn coins with Cointiply.

Paid Survey
Paid Survey section

It is located in the Earn Coins top menu and the Complete Surveys submenu.

You can take part in surveys for products and services if you enjoy sharing your opinion.

Cointiply hosts several popular survey companies like:

  • CPX Research
  • Theorem Reach
  • Yuno Surveys
  • Your Surveys
  • Adscend Media
  • Adgate Media
  • Revu
  • Bit Labs
  • Pollfish
  • Opinion Network
  • Revenue Wall
  • Opinion Capital
  • Wannads
  • Say So Rewards

The system will suggest surveys that fit your profile once you respond to a few short questions about yourself.

Before taking a survey, you may check how much you can make and how long it will take.

You can earn thousands of coins by completing surveys. Per survey, you can earn anything between 50 and 200,000 coins.

∮ Install Mobile Apps

You may download a free mobile app, sign up for free trials, participate in competitions, and more.

A wide range of partners are available through Cointiply:

  • OfferToro
  • aye T-Studios
  • Adscend Media
  • Adgate Media
  • Revu
  • Wannads
  • Roobet
  • GameHag

You may earn additional coins by exploring this useful area of Cointiply.

Higher paying offers may take a longer time to complete.

Per offer, you can earn anything between 50 and 200,000 coins.

∮ Watch Videos

One of the best ways to earn passive coins is by Watching Videos.

You can avoid having to view the videos by having them play in the background in another tab.

You can choose videos from the companies listed below:

  • Hideout.TV
  • Playtime

Earnings range from 5 to 100 or even up to 1,000 coins.

∮ Earn Interest

If you have 35,000 coins or more in your balance, you can earn 5% annual interest.

Enable 5% annual interest on your coin balance over 35,000 coins

Go to your Account Settings and enable this option to start earning 5% interest on your Coins balance.

Interest is calculated daily and paid weekly.

Of course, you can deposit in Cointiply as well to generate this passive income.

If the price of the crypto drops, I advise you to withdraw it to your wallet because you will profit more if it rises once more.

∮ Rain Pool

Through the Rain Pool chat room, Cointiply provides another source of passive income.

With Chat Rain, you can get free coins just by taking part in the chat and earning on Cointiply.

Rain Chat Pool
Join the Rain Chat Pool and follow the rules

You only need to open the conversation and click the “Qualify for Rain Pool” button to participate in Chat Rain.

You must also have completed at least 1 offer, PTC ad, or survey for the day. That’s it.

You can earn a portion of coins when it “rains” by typing out a few messages and being friendly in the chat.

Typically, the rain pool resets every 30 to 45 minutes.

To increase your Rain Pool share:

  1. Earn more Coins – the more Coins you earn the higher your rain share will be.
  2. Level up! You level up automatically as you earn on Cointiply. Higher user levels get a higher share.

∮ Leaderboard

Leaderboard Top 5 earners

The Top 10 earners for the day will receive an additional 20,000+ coins from Cointiply.

It is quite attractive and worth more than US$2!

The more you earn the more you get!

4 Ways To Boost Your Earnings

Cointiply is the only platform that offers a variety of ways for users to boost their earnings.

∮ Cointiplier

Cointiplier rate determines how much you can earn per faucet claim.

Everybody begins with a 1.5x Cointipler rate.

The higher your Cointiplier rate, the more you will earn from each faucet claim.

Cointiplier isn’t to replace the Loyalty Bonus.

The rate is adjusted every day to encourage users to use Cointiply more frequently.

There are many ways to increase Cointiplier:

  • Being a loyal user
  • Leave the Cointply open
  • Complete the offerwalls
  • Click PTC ads
  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Refer active users

In the event that there isn’t any activity on the site, your Cointiplier rate may drop.

By being more active on Cointiply, you can raise your Cointiplier.

∮ Loyalty Bonus

You receive rewards from the Loyalty System for every activity you perform on Cointiply.

Log into your Cointiply account every day.

The more days in a row you do this, the higher the loyalty bonus you will get.

Loyalty Bonus
100% Loyalty Bonus History

Your Loyalty Bonus will increase 1% for each consecutive day, allowing you to reach a maximum loyalty bonus of 100%.

However, be aware that if you miss a day, it will reset to 0%. (Premium Members are permitted to skip up to 2 days.)

∮ Buy Cointiply Pods

Both your balance coins and CointiPoints can be used to buy Cointiply Pods.

Cointiply Pods
3 versions of Cointiply Pods

Pods have 3 versions: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Each Pod contains three Cointivity items, and as the Pod quality rises, so do your chances of discovering uncommon and rare items.

Common Pod:
Price is 2,250 CointiPoints or 1,000 Coins.
Each item has a 89% chance to be Common;
10% chance to be Uncommon;
1% chance to be Rare.

Uncommon Pod:
Price is 5,000 CointiPoints or 5,000 Coins.
Each item has a 67% chance to be Common;
28% chance to be Uncommon;
5% chance to be Rare.

Rare Pod:
Price is 9,000 CointiPoints or 10,000 Coins
Each item has a 45% chance to be Common;
45% chance to be Uncommon;
10% chance to be Rare.

∮∮ CointiPoints

CointiPoints are Cointiply’s reward points which can be used to purchase Pods.

CointiPoints balance
CointiPoints balance is in the Cointivity Profile section

You can check your CointiPoints balance by clicking on the Cointivity Profile section.

Here is how to get CointiPoint:

  • Offerwalls, Faucet, Videos, PTC Ads, Video Games: Earning 10 Coins will reward 1 CointiPoint.
  • CointiPlay Wagers: 1,000 Coins wagered will reward 5 CointiPoints.

∮∮ Cointivity Items

You get boosts to earn more Coins with Cointivity items.

They can be found in Pods and come in two varieties: Consumable and Equippable.

Equippable items are permanent and they keep boosting your earnings until you remove them or change them for another.

Consumable items will boost your earnings from a few hours to a couple of days until it expires.

Cointivity item
I’m equipped with a Cointivity item for +2% of my earnings

Each user has 1 equippable slot and 2 consumable slots at the beginning. As your level increases, the system will unlock more slots.

I am equipped with a “Percolator” that will increase my earnings by 2%.

∮ Premium Membership

To use Cointiply, you don’t require a Premium Membership.

But when you upgrade, you can benefit from the following:

  • No popup advertisements.
  • No hover/slide in advertisements.
  • Boost your maximum CointiPlay wager to 200,00 Coins.
  • Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset.
  • Early access to new features.
  • Premium support.
  • Premium badge and access to premium only chat room.

There are 2 types of Premium Memberships. You have the option of paying 17,000 coins ($1,7) per month or one year for 170,000 coins ($17).

Or, you can purchase a ticket for the premium account reward pool.

Every entry costs 340 Coins. A random user will receive a premium account for one month when the pool reaches 100%.


Withdraw Coins
Click on “Withdraw Coins” and request for cash out

You can find the Withdraw Coins feature in the Activity & Payment menu.

The minimum withdrawal is 30,000 coins without charging any fee.

4 options exist for withdrawal:

  1. Withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet with at least 50,000 coins ($5)
  2. Withdraw to your DOGE wallet with at least 30,000 coins ($3)
  3. Withdraw to your DASH wallet with at least 30,000 coins ($3)
  4. Withdraw to your LTC wallet with at least 30,000 coins ($3)

10,000 coins are equal to US$1.

After submitting a payout request, you will typically receive the payments within 24-72 hours.

∮∮ Payment Proof

Cointiply is a Legit site, here is my payment history.

payment proof history
My last 3 payment proof history

Sign Up For Cointiply

Cointiply is a good choice for people who are interested in earning some free coins by doing simple tasks.

Sign up bonus
Sign up and get 1,000 free coins
Simply follow the steps below to sign up:

  1. Click here to sign-up >> Join Cointiply 

  2. Fill in your first name and email address.
  3. Choose a password then confirm it again.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Click on “Sign Up Now“.
  6. Your account is created.
  7. Make sure to verify the email that Cointiply sent.

The new user will receive 1,000 free coins as a sign-up bonus!

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