The Best Crypto Faucets Ranking For July 2022

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Below is a list of faucets I use to maximize my faucet claims while surfing the net, time can vary from half hour to an hour, you can use it as a reference if you only claim faucets and nothing else.

Please take note that this is not the total claim amount you can earn from the specified faucet, but only within an hour time.

Faucet​ Crypto Claim​ Time​ TRX crypto faucet/Claim​ Rank​ TRX best crypto faucet/Hr​  
TronSatoshi* TRX 70,000 trxtoshi 0.1m 0.000700 πŸ† 0.252000 Join
BitHub* best bitcoin gpt sitesLTCTRXSHIB 1,111 coins 1.15m 0.003227 2 0.161333 Join
FreeCrypto* BTCLTCTRX 0.0005 tokens 3m 0.007265 3 0.145290​ Join
FaucetCrypto BTCLTCTRX 50 tokens 3m 0.007265 3 0.145290​ Join
EarnMoneyHub BTCLTCTRX 40 coins 3m 0.006656 4 0.133114 Join
CoinKrab LTCTRX 70 coins 5m 0.001050​ 5 0.126000​ Join
KiddyEarner* BTCLTCTRXSHIB 1,000,000 coins 3m 0.005000 6 0.100000​ Join
Feyorra LTCTRX 800,000 coins 5m 0.008000​ 7⬆ 0.096000​ Join
FreeShib BTCLTCTRXSHIB 50 tokens 5m 0.007310​ 8 0.087723​ Join
DinnToks BTCLTCTRX 50 tokens 5m 0.007278 9⬆ 0.087331 Join
MixFaucet* BTCLTCTRXSHIB 50 tokens 5m 0.007269 10 0.087223 Join
Coinoto BTCLTCTRX 30 tokens 3m 0.004360 11 0.087204 Join
CoinPayz BTCLTCTRXSHIB 50 coins 5m 0.007267 12 0.087203 Join
PinoyFaucet* BTCLTCTRXSHIB 5 p-tokens 5m 0.006410 13⬇ 0.076923​ Join BTCLTCTRX 40 coins 5m 0.005826 14 0.069913​ Join
ClaimTrx LTCTRX 800,000 coins 5m 0.004960​ 15 0.059518​ Join
TrxEarner* TRX 250,000 coins 2m 0.000750​ 16 0.022500​ Join
CoinPot BTCLTCTRX 100 coins 60m 0.014549 17⬇ 0.014549​ Join

* Faucet with no minimum or very low withdraw amount
** This ranking consists only those faucets that can reach the minimum withdraw amount in a short period of time
*** Those Faucet Claim that based on the spin roll are not included

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Suspicious Faucet List

Watch out for the faucets below as they either don’t pay or delete all user data and re-launch their site.

No​ Faucet No​ Faucet
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10
11 12
13 14
15 16
17 18
19 20

What Is Crypto Faucet

Crypto faucets are quite popular all over the world; some people enjoy them, while others consider them to be a scam.

A Crypto faucet is a website that rewards you with a penny amounts of crypto in exchange for solving captchas, viewing ads, or doing some simple tasks. The amount of cryptocurrency that a crypto faucet may pay you for completing activities varies – some sites offer excellent rates, while others do not. This is a case-by-case situation.

Choosing The Best Crypto Faucet

There are a lot of websites claiming to be the “Best Crypto Faucet,” and it’s difficult to tell which ones are LEGIT and which are SCAM.

You’re interested in trying out the “Best Crypto Faucet” available and earning some free cryptocurrency. However, you’ll need a crypto faucet list to do so.

First and foremost, you should not limit yourself to just one faucet. Choose at least 5 to 10 faucets to maximise your potential earnings.

Faucet owners typically deposit a modest amount of crypto into a crypto wallet linked to their own faucet site. The penny amount of crypto is paid out of the crypto wallet to you after you earn a particular amount of crypto by completing tasks and playing games on his faucet site.

Therefore, the amount of crypto offered by the crypto faucets, payout frequencies, and reputations are the most important factors to consider. Figure out how to rotate each of these legit crypto faucet sites you have at your disposal.